Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation
Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation


Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation (SOMEC) was formed in 2004 through a merger of Nissho Iwai Marine Corporation and News Maritime Co., Ltd., each of which was the shipping arm of 'Sogo Shoshas' (Nissho Iwai and Nichimen, respectively) with a history of more than 100 years behind them.

  • April 2016

    Tokyo Main Office Moved to Toranomon

  • November 2012

    Singapore Office Opened

  • April 2008

    Capital Increase to JY 800mio.

  • April 2006

    Branch office was opened at Dalian, China

  • March 2005

    London Office Opened

  • March 2005

    Foundation of Onomichi Branch Office

  • April 2004

    Merger of NIMAC and NEWS to form Sojitz Marine & Engineering Corporation (SOMEC)

Nissho Iwai Lineage
  • July 2002

    Marine and Industrial Group of NIASCO (ex. NIMAC) split off to join NIMAC (capital JY 411.8mio)

  • April 2002

    Spin-off and Merger of Marine Dept. of NIC with KKKK to form Nissho Iwai Marine Corporation (NIMAC. Capital JY 260mio).

  • Septermber 2001

    Merger of NIMAC and Nissho Iwai Aerospace Corporation to form NIASCO Corporation (NIASCO)

  • October 1986

    KMKK changed its name to NIMAC corporation.

    Sale and Purchase business transferred from NIC Marine Dept. to KKKK

  • August 1983

    KMKK Osaka branch launched

  • April 1974

    Division of NIC Marine Dept. into Marine Dept. and Marine Industry Dept.

  • February 1974

    Foundation of Kokusai Marine K.K. (KMKK. 100% Investment of NIC)

  • October 1968

    Merger of Nissho Co., Ltd. and Iwai Co., to form Nissho Iwai Corporation (NIC)

  • July 1963

    Foundation of Kokusai Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha (KKKK. 100% investment of Nissho Co., Ltd.)

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  • 1928

    Nissho Company founded

  • 1874

    Kanetatsu Suzuki & Company founded

  • 1862

    Iwai Bunsuke Shoten founded

Nichimen Lineage
  • June 2001

    Headquarters relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • April 2001

    NEWS sold ship management business to Dojima Marine Co., Ltd.

  • May 2000

    NEWS started finance business

  • October 1999

    NEWS started newbuilding business

  • June 1992

    Foundation of News Maritime Co., Ltd. (NEWS) by Nichimen Corp for sale & purchase, chartering and ship management business. Paid-in Capital JY 200mio.

  • 1943

    Japan Cotton Trading Co., Ltd. changed its name to Nichimen Co., Ltd.

  • 1892

    Foundation of Japan Cotton Trading Co., Ltd.

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Unlike typical Japanese firms with organization-oriented style, Sojitz group is known for its free and natural corporate culture that respects employees' personalities. Here at SOMEC, we are always working positively, and open-mindedly.
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